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Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Council of Europe signed a joint declaration on cooperation in the interests of children.

1.23. 2007 Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the Council of Europe signed a joint declaration on cooperation in the interests of children.

Partnership between the two organizations would be directed at developing strategies to prevent major problems faced by children and research on these topics.


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2005 - European Year of Civic Education

This year will be decentralized, in its context in different European countries held events. This will create opportunities for professional exchange, and to inform public about democratic education, education of public consciousness.


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International Day of innocent children - Victims of Aggression (4 June)

International Day of Innocent Children - Victims of Aggression celebrated the anniversary of the bombing of residential areas in Beirut by Israeli forces (4 June 1982) by decision of the Emergency Special Session of UN General Assembly on the Palestinian issue of August 19, 1982h.
On this day the General Assembly, "Appalled by the huge number of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese children - victims of Israeli aggression", decided to observe June 4 of each year as International Day of innocent children - Victims of Aggression (resolution ES-7 / 8).
World Environment Day was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Environment. The same day the General Assembly adopted another resolution, which marked the beginning of UNEP.
VDNS, considered one of the most important events in the environmental calendar, is celebrated annually in more than 100 countries. This event promotes the intensification of political and communal activities. Governments, individuals, NGOs, community and youth groups, business and industry, and media organizing various measures to confirm their commitment to protecting the environment.
There are also many opportunities to celebrate World Environment Day: street demonstrations, bicycle parades, concerts "in nature, school competitions for the best product and best poster, planting trees, recycling campaigns and support clean and much more. In many countries, these annual events are used to increase the focus and revitalize the political circles. The Heads of State, Prime Ministers and Ministers of Environment deliver statements and commit themselves to care for the Earth. Accepted and more serious commitment, as a result of which created a permanent government structures dealing with environmental management and economic planning. This day gives an opportunity to sign or ratify international conventions on the environment.


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Ensuring children's rights in Ukraine. Maternity and Childhood.
June 7, 2005 parliamentary hearings "Ensuring children's rights in Ukraine. Maternity and Childhood."

At the parliamentary hearing was attended by NGOs, members of the Ukrainian National Network for Children, which prepared its proposals for ensuring children's rights in Ukraine and gave them the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for health care, maternal and child


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"With love and care for children

June 9, 2005 at the Palace of Arts "Ukrainian House" with Ukraine's President Viktor Yushchenko held a round table "with love and care to children and the presentation of Ukraine's Ministry for Youth and Sports Reform Programme protection of orphans and children deprived of parental care.


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Day Joint Action for Children (20 November)
November 20, 1989 UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

November 20, 1989 UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Since November 20 is World Children's Day.

In 2003 in the National NGO Forum at the initiative of its members have initiated November 20 in all regions of Ukraine shared the Day of Action for Children. "
Day Joint Action for Children - one of the ways to consolidate the efforts of public, state and social institutions that are engaged in children, media, businesses, and all who care about the situation of children in our country.
This year's Day of Joint Action for Children "will focus on the theme:" The child's right to a family. "


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One-minute video: Film Festival for Youth
Dates: 10-20 November 2005
Location: London

For one-minute film festival (ICA Jump Cut Festival), which takes place in London, selected 50 videos from different countries and on different subjects. The aim of the festival include: encouraging young people to create a one-minute films on topical themes and painful decision of which is a task of modern society to provide children and young people to show their works to be both useful and fun for kids and adults.
Among the festival is also representative of Ukraine, Lyudmyla Daniluk (IU "Youth Culture and Education"), with its one-minute film "Ostblock" of migration.


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When syayne first star in the sky -
It means night Christmas comes to visit.
Freeze in the park blue ice slide
And with the snow vkryyetsya all.

Frost on the windows will create a world of images,
Christmas fairy bells as laughter,
Kids lose sleep Gift
And the balls all covered with a streamer.

In a winter holiday wishes to all
Merry bells and warm the heart,
Let the Christmas angels welcome
Your Family and shlyut them all the best.

NGOs: Issues and Answers

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Cabinet has approved the Concept of National Program "National Action Plan to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on the years 2006-2016. This is referred to the Cabinet resolution of 22 April 2006.
National Program "National Action Plan to implement the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child on the years 2006-2016" developed by the Decree of President of Ukraine of July 11, 2005 № 1086 "On urgent measures to protect children's rights, which defined the implementation of state policy to protect children's rights one of the key activities of the executive branch.

The purpose of the National Action Plan is to identify a solution for the effective promotion and protection of children including the Millennium Development Goals and Strategies of the outcome of the Special Session on Children UN General Assembly "A World Fit for Children".
The National Plan of Action is necessary to ensure the monitoring, evaluation activities will be carried out. Performers of the National Action Plan, together with state agencies may be NGOs, international foundations.

Comprehensive monitoring of children's rights in Ukraine

All Foundation "Protecting Children's Rights", supported by the Democracy Grants U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, with partnership of NGOs "Youth Culture and Education" and NGO "Women's Consortium of Ukraine initiated the project" Comprehensive monitoring of children's rights in Ukraine. " The project provides a complete picture reproduction children's rights in Ukraine in such vital areas as civil rights and freedoms, family situation and alternative care for children, prevention of all types of violence against children, preventing all types of exploitation of the child, the education system and health care I, the scope of private property rights and child social protection measures, as well as specific areas that affect the rights of children are at risk and to identify compliance violations and the causes of these violations that make it possible to identify gaps in legislation on the one hand, and creating an efficient mechanism to eliminate them through appropriate legislative changes and accelerate convergence to common democratic standards.
Within the project selected regional coordinators. (Chernihiv, Ivano-Frankovsk, Simferopol, Dnepropetrovsk).
NGOs wishing to join the project, please contact the project manager Evgeniya Pavlova (All Foundation "Protecting Children's Rights)

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Chernivtsi City Women's Environmental Club "Aster"
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