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Creation of information materials on HIV / AIDS.

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Creation of information materials on HIV / AIDS.
(Start date: 01.03.2003; End Date: 01.12.2003)
Creation of information materials on HIV / AIDS on children aged 9-12 years.

We found that preventive measures for AIDS only target the adult audience and absolutely neinformatyvni children. This is especially dangerous for children who are out of primary school age (that is no longer under constant adult supervision), but not yet teenagers (ie not receive the "adult" information on AIDS). So the idea of ​​a special material for children aged 9-12 years seemed to us very important and timely.
The project is now being implemented and implemented by children from the media center. We hope that our contribution to the prevention of HIV / AIDS will reduce the risk of infection for this age group. But how is this information - it is our know-how. All interested welcome to contact us at the end of the project:).

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